Straight forward transparent deals.

Transfixus buys income property complexes. We make deals with your needs in mind to find property solutions that are simple and stress-free.  Using accepted valuation models we arrive quickly and accurately at a fair market value price.

            Who we are: We buy income property, working with a diverse range of clients in a broad network of locations.

            How we operate: We work quickly and stress-free to best suit our clients' needs. We review property data, analyze it for a potential proposal, and communicate with our clients until an agreed set of goals has been worked out.

            What sets us apart? Our deals are straightforward, inclusive, and aimed at the best purchase for all parties. Pure and simple.

            Income property sales involve a process that may seem complex, but it easily guided when carried out with expertise. Exceptional service with your sale in mind – we conduct our operations with clear strategies and guidelines. Transfixus makes income property purchases direct and flexible.  No ridiculous low ball offers that waste your time.

Today – you can take a step towards partnering with excellence and stress-free professional apartment property sales.  Buyers, sellers, and the deals that bring them together make the property industry the unique marketplace that it is. Become part of the singularly profitable world of income property sales – managed smartly and transparently. 

            Transfixus is ready to hear from you. With queries, comments, or proposals, contact us at

or call

 (646) 448-8222 
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